José’s performances are physically and visually captivating, mostly related to Puppetry, Mime or the Scissors Dance, that can be seen and enjoyed anywhere in the world as they transgress all language boundaries. He is an extremely versatile performer who can adapt his productions for any occasion and venue.

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    Animalia 5

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      Coming soon
    • AniMusic


      Working in Progress!! A piece that explores the theme of music in puppetry, where puppet animation and the playing of a musical instrument is made...
    • Bio


      Peruvian – British artist, Jose Navarro was trained in Mime by Juan Arcos, graduated in Art at Peru’s National University of San Marcos...
    • Ladies & Gentlemen

      Ladies & G..

      New show under creation!!! A small scale shadow puppet performance about relationships and affairs. Devised and performed by: Jose Navarro Puppets...
    • Children of the Sun

      Children of the..

      CHILDREN OF THE SUN A puppet and multimedia performance, based on ancient Andean spiritual iconography, like the Sun God Wiracocha (Source of life),...
    • A La Carte

      A La Carte

      A puppet and mime variety extravaganza, celebrating traditions and international performance culture; featuring: singers, dancers and musicians; using...
    • Pongo’s Dream

      Pongo’s D..

      A puppet adaptation of a story by the Peruvian writer José María Arguedas. The Pongo, this torn, unsophisticated and quiet character; in his journey...
    • MiNiMo


      Featuring hand and small-scale finger puppetry and minimalist mime; presented as a series of short wordless stories   “Extremely inventive”...
    • Oh…Pera!


      A body puppetry show that parodies the world of an opera diva Devised and performed by: Jose Navarro Length: 40 Minutes Technical Requirements: PA...
    • Aha!


      A Burlesque Body Puppetry show for ‘Adults’. An audaciously daring and intimate silent burlesque puppetry performance, exploring the unadulterated...
    • Ayahuasca


      A miniature intimate puppet piece, inspired by ‘Ayahuasca’ rituals of the Peruvian Amazon. The diminutive puppets characters are linked to the...
    • Ritual Scissors Dance – Peru

      Ritual Scissors..

      An intangible cultural performance interpretation of the Scissors Dance, explored using various puppet techniques, and rearrangements of the traditional...
    • Animalia


      In ANIMALÍA, members of the animal kingdom are the leading characters: Marine life, a gentle little dog playing with a bone, a mortal combat between...